Specializing in CNC machine tools processing, linear cutting processing, CNC lathes, precision grinding processing of Japanese sole - owned enterprises
Introduction of Japanese head
Toray precision co., ltd. was founded on February 11, 1955, with a registered capital of 200 million yen (100% invested by toray co., LTD.). After more than 60 years of technical precipitation, the use of unique precision micro hole processing technology for electronic, semiconductor, medical, intelligent equipment, aviation and other industries to provide precision parts.

Our factory: 1-40, 1 butyl, oshizu city, shiga prefecture

Zip code (P.C) : 520-2141

Tel: 0081-77-545-8804

Kanto office: 2-7-17, new yokohama, north district, yokohama

city, kanagawa prefecture

Zip code (P.C) : 222-0033

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